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Lichen, Sewing and Sally-Boots

1   I love the colours and shapes of Lichen and found this growing on our, until now, beautiful arched Cedrus Atlantica Glauca. For some reason, it has not sprouted this year. We have planted Clematis to climb up the structure but are feeling very sad that it seems to have died.



2   My sewing project is coming on. I have attached all four panels to the duvet covers and I am now embroidering little bits to lift the design and to secure the panel more effectively.  Here is the Fox. I’m wondering whether to do a bit more than the stems and his nose.

Embroidered panel

Embroidered panel – green stems and black nose.

3    I have posted another pair of Sally-boots today.

Sally-boots ready for the post

Sally-boots ready for the post


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