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Seeds, Crocuses and Long Tails

1    It’s almost March and we went off to the garden centre to buy seeds. One of our raised beds is going to be devoted to flowers for  for the bees and for cutting. We will still be growing three raised beds of veggies.

2   The sun was shining through the tree at the garden centre casting lovely shadows and underneath were a mass of small crocuses.

Tree and crocuses

Tree and crocuses

Crocuses for Nicky

Crocuses for Nicky, with love

3   A family of Long Tail Tits has been at the feeders today. They are very skittish and hard to catch on camera. There were eight there at one moment, just two left by the time I had my camera ready and those two were gone in a moment.

Long Tail Tits

Long Tail Tits


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