La Diada Nacional de Catalunya, Castellers and Arrival – Now With Video and Photos

15 Sep

1.  September 11th was a very special day for Catalunya, the tri-centenary of 1714,  so the streets were full of people in red or yellow t- shirts as they prepared for the huge demonstration for independence in Barcelona.

2.  We went by train to the small town of Llinars de Valles to watch the Castellers, the human towers, which were breathtaking and scary as tiny tots climbed the human tower to the very top and gave a wave. There will be photos, I promise!

3.  Grandbaby N arrived here with her Mum after a very long series of planes and trains from Senegal and all is well.

Here is a link to my You tube video of the human tower. Watching the tiny tots scramble to the top was a sweaty-hands experience and I love how they slither back down again.  Just look at how they tuck their toes anywhere to get leverage and watch the faces of the little ones as they reach the bottom!  The chap who goes to join the base at the last minute and walks towards the camera at the end is Tino whose English was brilliant as he explained the whole process to me. Each team took the centre stage in turn and made the tower and  I loved how all the others came together to strengthen the base so that everybody was part of this human endeavour, all in it together. True community.
Click on any photo in the gallery for close ups.





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