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Falmouth Art Gallery, Unicorn and Tall Ships

1   We were in Falmouth for the four day Tall Ships event and had a delightful day, first in the always pleasing Falmouth Art Gallery. There was a really touching exhibition on ‘The Boy Who Bit Picasso” about the friendship between Picasso and a young boy and his family. If you get the chance, do go and see it.

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2   We called in to see an exhibition of work, The Art of Happiness, by our very talented artist friend, Suzanne Crook, and I fell in love with a small painting which we bought as our Anniversary present to each other. On our way through the town we spotted one of her signature pieces, a fantastic bejewelled Unicorn. I would so love to have one of these!

Rocking Unicorn by Suzanne Crooke

Rocking Unicorn by Suzanne Crook

3  And at last we arrived at the Tall Ships – they really are magnificent. Look closely and you will see some sailors on the  main stays. It looks very precarious!

Some of the Tall Ships in Falmouth Harbour

Some of the Tall Ships in Falmouth Harbour




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