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Freezer Jam, Fishing Boat and Flowers

1    After 24 hours the jam was ready to freeze – 9 small tubs now frozen away.

Strawberry freezer jam

Strawberry freezer jam

2   This working boat was leaving Custom House Quay as we arrived this afternoon.

Falmouth fishing boat

Falmouth fishing boat

3   I became aware of a campaign today to remember the children killed in Palestine. We are invited to choose a name of a child whose life has been taken, to make a small bunch of flowers and put them somewhere where others will see with the words, ‘ I remember name aged ? who died in Palestine‘     Here is the link if you would like to join in this beautiful gesture.

Here are my flowers picked from the garden and my words:
                   I remember Dina Adel Isleem aged 3 who was killed in Gaza 20th July 2014

Remember the children

Remember the children of Palestine


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