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Green Spider, Gold Fish and Multicoloured Flares

1    Our Black Swan Iris has been broken by the wind so I have brought it inside and this morning found a pretty green spider and her web on it.

Green spider on Black Swan Iris

Green spider on Black Swan Iris

2   In the pond section of the Garden Centre there are some lovely flowing gold fish.

Golden fish under water

Golden fish under water

3   I was asked the other day how long I have been knitting. My Granny taught me when I was about seven or eight but I didn’t really knit until I was expecting my first baby. I remembered that I still have my masterpiece from that time, 1973, a pair of patchwork flares that our Number 1 baby wore at one year old.

1970's patchwork flares

1970’s patchwork flares




Weekly Photo Challenge – Split Second Story

An elderly couple on Piccadilly in London, opposite The Ritz Hotel, wondering which of the cakes to take home for tea.  Last time they were here they had the delicious and delicate macarons, this time ………   Or dare they go across the road to The Ritz and have their famed (but very, very, expensive) Afternoon Tea? It is, after all, their Wedding Anniversary day out, ………

Choosing cakes

Choosing cakes

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