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Alstroemeria, Robin, Clouds and Knitting

1   The tiger stripes in the Alstroemeria are beautiful.



Our friendly garden Robin posed on our sculpture of a Fledgling tonight. He’s often there but I can rarely catch him on camera.

Robin on our Fledgling sculpture

Robin on our Fledgling sculpture

The clouds were a pretty formation that I haven’t seen before. I hope they mean that today’s glorious weather is set to continue!

Pretty clouds

Pretty clouds

After her bath tonight, Grandbaby B discovered our yards of Knitting for Wool Against Weapons and she had a ball playing with one length, hiding and laughing and playing Peekaboo! Such simple and infectious happiness.

You knitted all this for me, right, Granny and Grandma?

You knitted all this for me, right, Granny and Grandma?

I'm in here!

I’m in here!

Bet you don't know where I am!

Bet you don’t know where I am!

This post is for the other Grandparents in honour of their Sapphire Wedding Anniversary! Happy Days!

P.S. My lovely readers have now visited my Blog over 100,000 times! Thank you all. It is so lovely to have visitors from all over the world.


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