Senegal 7th April – Weaver Birds, Newest Grandchild, Glasses of Tea and Sky on Fire

17 Apr

Yes, I know that’s four things. It’s so hard to keep to three from our trip to Senegal!

1   The garden, full of bamboo, bougainvillea and many other flowers, attracts lots of birds. The Weaver Birds love the bamboo which they tear off in strips for their nests, the Sunbirds come for the nectar and to spread their wings in sunny spots and the Bulbuls do their courting here! All the time there are Black Kites wheeling about overhead. Lucy, before we came, also saw Egrets and a flock of Pelicans!

Weaver Bird with Bamboo strip

Weaver Bird with Sunbird on left

Sunbird sunning her wings

Black Kite

2  Ndeye Marie was delighted with her chunky coloured crayons and paper and immediately started practising her letters.

Crayon Fun

I also read Eric Carle’s ‘The Very lonely Firefly’, translating it into French as I went along, to Ndeye Marie, our newest Grandchild – what joy!

Reading to Ndeye Marie

3  Mr S and I went down to Ami’s family home to see the hired chairs being hauled up onto the roof for the Wedding tomorrow. Some family were having tea outside and invited us to join them in true Senegalese fashion. The mint tea in tiny glasses was very hot, very sweet and beautifully minty.

Ousseynou making tea

4  The sky at sunset

The Sky over Pikine


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