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Reasons to be Cheerful, Piano Lesson and New Blog

1   Been to The Hall for Cornwall tonight to see “Reasons to be Cheerful’ a kind of homage to Ian Dury.  It’s fabulous! It’s funny and touching, it’s loud and it’s rude and it’s enormous fun! My face is aching from all the grinning and singing! It’s on tomorrow too  Do go and see it if you can! All the favourites are there in this musical/gig –  Reasons to be Cheerful, Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick, Sweet Gene Vincent, Clever Trevor…..

2    Today’s piano lesson marked One Year of Lessons and my teacher tells me that she’s really pleased with my progress. So am I; there are pieces that I can play just for pleasure now, simple maybe, but pleasing nevertheless.

3   From a comment on yesterday’s post, I found this new blog which I found really touching. Do have a look.


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