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Dad’s Stories, Freegle and Falmouth Model Boat Club

1  Today I have handed over all Dad’s tapes to a beautiful Spanish lady who came all the way from St Germans. She is going to digitise them for me prior to them being transcribed. It will be strange and rather wonderful to be able to hear Dad telling us his army life stories again.

2. I’ve spent the afternoon tucked up, nursing a cold but the beauty of that was that I had several hours to read. I am reading carefully through a manuscript of Dad’s, ‘The Boy with Red Fingers’ which was never published but which he had commissioned a young artist to illustrate, and I am deciding what the picture for each chapter should consist of. What a privilege!  Meanwhile, the wonderful Mr S was out in the rain clearing the back corner ready for a sun terrace to be laid very soon.

3  Some more of the brass bits went today, via Freegle, to a lovely man from Falmouth Model Boat Club. He was so chuffed with everything and told me what each bit would be used for which was really pleasing. We had given him an old drill once before, again through Freegle, and he told me that it now powers one of the boats.

Falmouth Model Boat Club

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