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John’s Pond, New Skirting Boards and Dingboche

1  Spring has come to John’s pond! What a delightful picture to lift the spirits. Thanks, John.

Busy frogs in John's pond

2   Mr S has been fitting new skirting boards in our sun room and I’ve been following behind painting on the primer. It’s beginning to look really good in shades of white. The sun streams in here (when it shines at all) and it is a lovely room to bird watch from.

3   When we Skyped with 3 year old Jake this evening we told him that Lucy had reached Dingboche at 14,500ft. He told us that rain comes from the clouds and that if the sun’s there as well there’ll be a rainbow. Tabitha kept us amused by doing somersaults off the settee and we managed a word or two with KJ.

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