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Breakfast, Two Love Poems and Bliss

I send love to all my Readers on this Valentine’s Day. May your day be full of grace, peace, love and fun. Our breakfast set the tone for the day.

French toast hearts with blueberries, creme fraiche and Maple syrup

I couldn’t choose today between these two favourites so an e e Cummings for you which have we both loved for the 52 and a bit years we have been together and one from Wendy Cope

I carry your heart

To My Husband by Wendy Cope

In fact, today was a day I was not looking forward to as I was to go to St Michael’s Hospital for steroid injections in both ankles in a bid to wipe out the arthritic pain.  I could not have been better looked after by each member of staff I came across, cared for with grace, made to feel peaceful and sharing fun! It was strange to be in the operating theatre fully awake, but being so, I could enjoy, honestly, the banter and the care that I was receiving. Our NHS staff are remarkable. A special note of thanks to Amy. 🙂

It was not the most comfortable procedure but I have walked out in a state of bliss being completely pain free until the local anaesthetic wears off! I’ve walked up the hill in our little town and up and down stairs many times and cannot stop smiling! I have been told to make the best of the next few hours and to be prepared for some discomfort later but we will be able to enjoy our Valentine’s dinner.

Here are my feet, all prepped, just before I was taken down!

Blue suede shoes – not quite!



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Dinosaur Delight, Happiness and Meeting

1   The Dinosaur cakes (see yesterday) arrived before the Grandkids went to school and the photos KJ sent show their complete delight! We posted the cakes in Redruth, Cornwall yesterday at 3.15pm and they arrived in London before 8.30 this morning and were completely undamaged with the icing still intact!   Now that is brilliant service!

2   This little homily about happiness came my way and I like it.



3   It was good to see so many at tonight’s meeting about the possible closure of St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle which will be my preferred place of treatment if I do have to have a hip replacement in the next few months. Our Labour Parliamentary candidate, Michael Foster, had called the meeting and together we came up with lots of ideas for how to make our very strong feelings known to the people who will make the decision early next year.


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