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What a Difference a Day Makes!

After four freezing snow and wind-filled days, first there was rain to melt most of the snow and then glorious and truly warm sunshine so off we went for a walk along the coast at Godrevy. It was a gloriously peaceful walk given the past four rather fraught days.

Leftover snow and the Godrevy lighthouse

Haematopus ostralegus, Oyster catchers on a rock with Gulls who have just landed

From Godrevy across to St Ives in warm winter sun

Seal – look at his whiskers!

We met a beautiful dog who was having a wonderful time dashing about but who stopped and posed for us when asked by his owner!

Jake, who is blind


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Walk By Gyllyngvase Beach

A bit of deja vu today as our walk was along Cliff Road, Gyllyngvase, Falmouth with me using just one crutch. My knee is still swollen and I am black, blue, pink, yellow and purple from ankle to thigh but was reassured after a three hour visit to our wonderful Minor Injuries Clinic at Barncoose Hospital and an X-ray yesterday that it is ‘just’ soft tissue damage that might take weeks (!) to heal but is not a serious injury. Rest and exercise in equal measure should do the trick.

Here are a Bramble flower, the promise of a Blackberry later in the season, a seal out in the bay and some seaweed in the clear blue water with views across the bay – for some reason in reverse order. What beauty!


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King Harry Ferry, St Anthony Head and Peregrine Falcons

This is one of our favourite walks around St Anthony Head looking across the water to Falmouth and St Mawes. Every time I get out and have a jolly good stomp, in my head I am saying Thank you to my surgeon, Mr Regan. It is such a joy to be able to move well and not to be frightened of doing a walk because of the pain. Here is a gallery of some of today’s treats  for your delectation! Click on any photo for detail, especially the last one. The chick is almost as big as its parent!


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