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Boots, Beans and Lunch

I love how someone has been painting and planting boots at the Eco Park.

We’ve harvested all the broad beans, some runner beans and some fine green beans and also some more courgettes and a marvellous cucumber.

I made Broad Bean Hummus for our lunch.



Shallots, Chickens and Pink

We harvested all our shallots a few weeks ago and now their skins have all dried, I have cleaned them up and they sit, golden and gorgeous, waiting to be used.

Home grown crop

Our new protective table cover is jolly.


There were lots of these unusual flowers at the Meudon Hotel, great long borders of them. I’d love it if someone could identify it for me – no leaves, just long pink stalks with the large blooms on top, no perfume sadly.

What is this flower?


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Washing, Garden Veg and Sky

The family left today and we set about the washing . I love the LiveWires’ duvet covers, made by my Mum many years ago, and here hanging out in the sunshine to dry.

Duvet cover

Our veg this evening came from the patch at the back of the garden.

Runner Beans and a Courgette

The following cartoon came my way today and I liked it. Hope you do too.

My Device

Thanks to Leunig.


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