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My Mum, Gardening and Baking

It’s 28 years since my Mum died on this day and I still want to tell her stuff that excites me or that I need her wisdom on. It doesn’t go away.
Today I want to celebrate her life by recognising some of the gifts that came from her – my love of gardening and of cooking.
She would have been delighted with us having an allotment so here are a couple of the flowers from there today.

After she retired, she used to fill in forms that asked for her profession not as ‘Retired Teacher of the Deaf’ but as Head Gardener.
She was a brilliant cook too so here is a coffee cake I have made today for the cake stall at the Redruth Butter Market stall tomorrow.


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A Quiet Day in the Garden with my Macro Lens

If you have been following my blog for the past ten days or so, you will realise that we have been here, there and everywhere! We have been showing my Brother-in-law the beauties of Cornwall and  its culture and today just needed  a catch up day and a rest!


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