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Glass, Sky and Playing

I have always loved Bristol blue glass having grown up with a beautiful piece which I have featured here before – a glass rolling pin. Find it here.

Bristol blue glass

The sky has been clear and beautiful today.

Blue sky

LiveWires 5 and 6 have been playing with a shape sorter made by my Grandfather for my Mother to use in her teaching of infants. Then my three siblings and I played with it, next,  our four children and now it is the LiveWires 5 and 6 watched over by their big sister who are playing with the toy made by their Great, Great Grandfather. Isn’t that just wonderful?

LiveWires 1, 5 and 6


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New Fern, Bristol Glass and ‘Summer in February’

1   I love uncurling ferns and we now have lots.

Uncurling fern

Uncurling fern

2   After six months of many of our precious things being boxed up so that the flooded dining room could be renovated, today I started unwrapping and re-discovering some treasures, among them, this beautiful old rolling pin made of Bristol blue glass which was in my Grandparents’ house.

Bristol glass

Bristol glass

3     We’ve just come home from seeing a beautiful film which was made in Cornwall -Summer in February. It tells of the real lives of some artists in Cornwall from 1913 and there are some wonderful scenes of Cornwall’s coastline.


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