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Lamb, Bouquet and Brownie

One of the lambs settled down by the random bunch of Narcissi that grow in the field.

Many of the flowers that arrived for Mother’s Day, three weeks ago, are still giving me great pleasure. I love the three glass bottles too.

After lots of work in the sunny and warm garden this afternoon, I made some Chocolate Brownies.



A Rose, Some Curls and A Sunbeam

One of the roses from my bouquet is a glorious dusky pink.

We needed some Banana Shallots for the allotment so went to the garden centre today. We found some and on the way out, my eye was caught by this plant, the name of which I didn’t find.

It’s been a day of heavy hail showers and bright sunny patches. I caught the Spring border in a sunny moment.



Surprise, Kitchen Implement and Pudding

A parcel arrived today, all out of the blue as we hadn’t ordered anything for ages. Imagine my delight when I found it contained blooms and a note sending love for a Happy Mother’s Day/Week! It was beautifully wrapped, each stem carefully protected and a lovely instruction booklet which has lots of advice about how to protect the flowers  so they last as long as possible. There is even advice on how to arrange them effectively. I’ll show you a proper photo tomorrow as one of the things they say is take any photos tomorrow as your flowers will be ‘sleepy after their long journey to you!’

The hosts on Radio Cornwall this afternoon were talking about old kitchen implements and I was reminded of one that I haven’t used for a while. I used to love using it as a little girl and need to share it with LiveWires next time they visit as it is a very satisfying piece to use.Can you guess its purpose?

I love watching Masterchef and caught up on an episode this afternoon as the winds blew woolies around the house.  I can usually resist going straight into the kitchen but when 3 out of 4 of the contestants make Sticky Toffee Puddings, well, what can you do? The recipe made eight puddings so one has gone next door and the spare five will go into the freezer for the next time that the need arises!


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