Planting, Spring Flowers and Baking

12 Apr

LiveWire No 2 spent the morning at the allotment with us being very helpful indeed – in the photo watering the broad beans he has just carefully planted.

On the way back home we spotted this pretty accidental planting under a hedge.

LiveWire No 4 arrives tomorrow (as do 5 and 6!) and it was just her birthday so this afternoon, LiveWire No 3 and I have baked a Chocolate Fudge cake to be the birthday cake.

T stirring the butter and chocolate mixture

Pouring the batter into the cake tins, photo by T, LiveWire no 3


2 responses to “Planting, Spring Flowers and Baking

  1. utesmile

    April 13, 2022 at 7:36 am

    How wonderful to have them all around for Easter. Enjoy ❤️🐰🐣


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