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Silver Birch, Top Hats and Bluebells

We planted lots of bluebells under our Silver Birch and they are looking lovely.

I love the little top hats on the Californian Poppies which pop off as they bloom.

We have just a small number of real English Bluebells.

I think the ones in the top photo are Spanish bluebells and the darker blue ones in the second photo are English but I need to go and check their pollen as I’ve learned this from  The Natural History Museum  

“Pollen colour
The easiest way to tell the difference between native and non-native bluebells is to look at the colour of the pollen.
If it is creamy-white then the bluebell is a native.  If it is any other colour, such as pale green or blue, then it is definitely not native.
When the pollen is shed, the empty anther can be a pale cream colour, so make sure you look at the most recently opened flowers at the top of the spike, to find the true colour of the pollen.”

I’ll let you know. 🙂



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