Sea, Staircases and Grand Mothers

14 Mar

After singing today at the Eco Park, I turned right rather than going straight home and went to see the sea, to smell the sea and to get the sea air into my lungs. It was glorious!


I read about the staircases in Lima today.  Peruvian artist Xomatok worked with community members to transform the hills of Lima, Peru’s Alisos de Amauta neighborhood with 13 staircases filled with patterns inspired by traditional Andean textiles. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m glad I don’t have to climb them though!

Staircase in Lima


I think this poem by Alice Walker is speaking to all us Grandmothers right now

Calling All Grandmothers – a poem by Alice Walker
We have to live
or we
will die
in the same
old ways.
I call on all Grand Mothers
on the planet
to rise
and take your place
in the leadership
of the world.
Come out
of the kitchen
out of the
out of the beauty parlors
out of the television
Step forward
and assume
the role
for which
you were
to lead humanity
to health, happiness
and sanity.
I call on
all the
Grand Mothers
of Earth
and every person
who possesses
the Grand Mother
of respect for
protection of
the young
to rise
and lead.
The life of
our species
on it.
& I call on all men
of Earth
to gracefully
stand aside
& let them
(let us)
do so.



One response to “Sea, Staircases and Grand Mothers

  1. utesmile

    March 14, 2022 at 7:57 pm

    What amazing staircases. So colourful for the landscape!


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