Daily Archives: September 17, 2021

Rain and Focaccia Art

I’m not really a pluviophile though I do recognise when the garden needs rain and I do find joy in doing an indoor project which today was baking – no surprise there then!

A very good friend shared some pictures of Focaccia art and I commented on probably not having the patience to do it myself. However, it wasn’t hard, didn’t try my patience and, in fact, was a delight from collecting the edibles from the garden and kitchen, ┬ádesigning the picture and of course, kneading bread dough is always peaceful and satisfying.
Here is my Focaccia Art before going in the oven and afterwards. The decoration is made up of red pomodorinos, our last yellow cherry tomato, black olives, chive stalks, baby leek stalks, a tiny red onion, orange winter pansy flowers and some rosemary twigs. It tasted good too!

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