More Daffodils, Smiles and Supper

17 Feb

We went on an outing today! It was just to the dump and in the rain, after a dry morning and a good clear out of weeds and pruning. On the drive we saw a couple of clumps of Daffodils along the wayside. This happens all over Cornwall and must be down to generous individuals who just pop some bulbs into the hedgerows and up they pop, year after year, bringing joy to passers by.

It’s hard to show your smile behind a mask though the eyes can say it all. An inner smile is also very important.

Stuffed Peppers for supper tonight after yesterday’s carb overload!

Stuffed Peppers with Sweet Potato Mash topping

Today, on the zoom sing, it being half-term, we were joined by LiveWire No 3 who had a lovely time. It was a joy to have her there.

Daffodils day 6


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One response to “More Daffodils, Smiles and Supper

  1. nrhatch

    February 18, 2021 at 2:46 pm

    Gorgeous flowers . . . they’ll add to my inner smile!


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