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Day 8 – Leaving Vermont for Massachusetts

As we returned to our hotel last night there was the most tremendous storm, so much so that as we arrived, we rushed indoors and left some things in the car. Among them was a gift from Shelagh of some of her own hand spun and hand dyed wools and a crocheted pincushion – all so beautiful! Thank you so much. Now I have another new project!


“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”. Do you know this delightful piece by Dr Seuss? I’m reminded of it day by day as we travel and discover new places, people and beautiful things.

Today as well as more covered bridges,flowers and fungi, we came across the Norman Rockwell Museum in Arlington where he lived and where I met a lovely old chap who had been one of Rockwell’s models. He showed me the painting done when he was just nineteen. I wish I had taken a photo of him with his painting! The young woman who ran the Museum was so friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic!



One of the bridges was over the Bennington Falls which were quite dramatic and in another, Chiselville Covered Bridge I discovered some graffiti, some dating from 1949 and some from 1900, and in such beautiful handwriting!





This beautiful flower, like Cow Parsley, was growing beside the bridge.



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Day 7 – A Day With A Friend In Vermont

Shelagh had planned such a lovely day for us, knowing the things we like – more covered bridges, a small town, a good lunch, meeting some of her friends (and their dogs) and seeing their crafts and all the while getting to know each other better.
We followed perfect instructions to find her home, Wintermere Farm and set off on our tour. We saw a restored bridge, The Cornwall/Salisbury Covered Bridge, one of the longest, and then one of only seven double bridges, The Pulp Mill Covered Bridge. We learned how Maple syrup is made and saw some of the blue pipework coming from taps in the trunks of the Maple trees, taking the sap for making into syrup. Later we saw one of the Sugar Houses where the reducing of the syrup takes place. I wish I could caption my photos but can’t figure out how to on the iPad!







Bristol was our stop for lunch where we ate in a small restaurant/diner called Snaps and we ate well! We stopped off in a shop and met one of Shelagh’s friends who has a small and well behaved Boxer. Our next stop in the delightful small town was across the wide Main Street where we met painter and wood craftsman, Reed Prescott, whose work we loved. I bought three beautiful buttons, one made of Honeysuckle, one of Black Walnut and one of Maple. I just loved his painted Family Tree and want one like it!






A short drive took us to meet another friend, Christine Homer, a weaver making the most beautiful scarves and shawls in gorgeous colours. We also met her seven month old Golden Labrador who demonstrated what she had been learning at puppy training classes.




All in all a beautiful day spent with beautiful people! Thank you so much, Shelagh.


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