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Copper Beech, Mating Butterflies and Wind Whipped Flowers

1   The wild winds of yesterday shredded next door’s Copper Beech leaves and blasted them against our windows like a dark red confetti. Lit up by the sun this morning, the leaf shows all its beauty, its veining and furry edges that I’ve never seen before.  Click on the photo to see an enlargement and all the minute detail.

Copper Beech leaf against the window

Copper Beech leaf against the window

2    The sun was shining and the wind had dropped a little so I went for a walk to collect photos of all the wildflowers in the hedges. In a sheltered spot I saw these Green-Veined White butterflies mating. Clicking on this one will show you the furriness of these beautiful little butterflies.

Green-Veined White butterflies mating

Green-Veined White butterflies mating

3   It was difficult taking photos of flowers blowing in the wind but somehow this whirlwind photo worked out, much to my delight.

Pink valerian in the wind

Pink Valerian in the wind


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