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Logs, Fungi and Crocus (And The Gig)

1   My piano teacher had had to have a tree felled as it had been almost toppled by the wild weather. The logs looked so beautiful on her lawn so I asked if I could take a photo and I was given some to bring home!

Fifteen years old?

Fifteen years old?

2   The wet weather over the last four years has wreaked havoc with my potting-up table. Once upon a time, it was a beautiful coffee table made by an ex-boyfriend and given to us as a wedding present 47 years ago. It is still well loved but, truth be told, it is beginning to rot. However, these beautiful fungi and lichen are growing on it and I’m sure it will last at least another season. I’d love it to get to 50 years old!

Beautiful fungus

Beautiful fungus

Golden fungus and lichen

Golden fungus heart and lichen

3   I’d forgotten I’d planted these very delicately mauve and purple crocuses so their appearance has been a lovely surprise.

Delicate crocus

Delicate crocus

The Goodbye Gig last night was enormous fun. We sang the best we ever had; the cabaret acts were brilliant and we will have raised a goodly amount for Comic Relief but we won’t know exactly how much until singing next Thursday.

The Suitcase Singers at Miss Peapod's

The Suitcase Singers at Miss Peapod’s

I try not to be a stats junkie but these today please me : 451 followers, 36,651 hits and read in 131 countries. Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts. Every visit pleases me!


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