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Neighbours, Friends and Family

1  We are so lucky to have landed where we did when we came back home to Cornwall – our neighbours are just the best.

2  Found the perfect button for Tabitha’s almost finished cardigan while I was in Truro

and then had coffee with Ellen from choir, lots of chat and developing friendship – perfect.

3  Both Daniel and Katheryn phoned today and had long chats with Mr S, mutually informative and helpful.


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Sonnet 73, Sister-in-law and Support

1     ‘That time of year thou mayst in me behold

When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang

Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,

Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.’ (from Sonnet 73)

Beautiful words sent to my Fb page by the Folio Society – thanks.

2  Email from my Sister-in-law in Atlanta, cheerful stream of consciousness and much appreciated.

3  Much needed moral support from good friends. Thank you.

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Weddings, Senegal and Krowji

1 Hopefully a wedding next year – got an email this morning enquiring about my services as a Humanist Celebrant. They are to be married in Falmouth in September. Hope they like what I’ve sent them.

2 Long phone call from Daniel, our son who is to marry in Senegal next year.

3  Singing! Rehearsals for our two gigs this week, one in Troon Primary School where we rehearse each week and one at Krowji for their Christmas Open Art weekend.

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Cornish sky, Jake and Cornish Carols

1  The bluest of skies in Redruth this morning – quite glorious – not a cloud to be seen.

2  A phone call from nearly three years old Jake, full of confidence and information.

3  Singing Christmas Carols with the Treggies, fifteen of us there tonight and lots of unfamiliar alto parts to be learned by next Sunday! I’ve recorded them and will be trying!

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Advert, Email and Knitting Friday 25th November

1 Saw this delightful ad in the Guardian G2 and sent it to Shelagh via Fb

2  Had a super long email from friends we met on holiday last year – so much in common and so far apart. They are in America and were in UK while we were over there!

3   Finished the bootees for Michelle’s baby – need to post them asap.


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Parking spot, Museum and Friends

1  Went into Truro early enough to get a parking place!

2  Very entertaining day at Museum, fascinating talk re archaeology in Cornwall since 1973.

3  Met up with R&R.

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Choir baby, Moscow Ballet and Autumn leaves

1  Larissa brought Tristan to choir and delighted everyone! He was wearing his Sally-boots!

2  We went to see Swan Lake, danced by the Moscow ballet. It was so beautiful, especially all the swan bits.

3  Driving home along the Kennal Vale, the car headlights picked out autumn leaves dancing and whirling in our path, just like little brown tutus!

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Red sunrise, Memory Cafe, Nasturtiums

1 There’s the most beautiful red sunrise this morning. I know, “Red in the morning, shepherds’ warning” but this is a delight I’m glad I was up early enough to see.

2  Went with The Tregajorran Singers to The Memory Cafe in Redruth to sing Christmas carols. It was lovely that some people joined in with us.

3  Nasturtiums still in flower in the raised beds.

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Flashmob, Brothers, Front door

1 To start today’s post which I’ll finish tonight – a video of Saturday’s flash mob. For those who don’t know what a flashmob is, here’s the Wiki definition:

A flash mob   is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.

2  In response to the flash mob video that I sent out to all my family, BOTH my brothers replied! That gave me enormous pleasure!

3  Veronika has finished the front door and done an excellent job.

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Kath’s jug, Heliotrope and Carols

1  Brought Kath’s jug out of the dishwasher today, reminded again of a beautiful friend and of how much I miss her. The jug comes out every time we have friends round for a meal so that Kath is there with us too…….

2  Heliotrope, Lavender and Verbena Bonariensis all still in flower and it’s only 4 weeks to Christmas! And there are four more Passion flowers.

3  Singing Christmas Carols with the Inglehearts, learning the alto part for ‘While Shepherds Watched’ but missing my friend and singing mentor Jean who is still not well.

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