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Walk Around Swanpool

It has been another glorious sunny Autumn day today so this afternoon I walked around Swanpool, a peaceful and gentle place to be.

Swanpool Nature Reserve

Roots, Gull, Mallard pair and Coot

What odd ‘webbed’ feet


And, just for interest – this is a photo, not taken by me, of what has happened to Porthminster Beach in St Ives after a recent big storm. There’s another due at the weekend.  The ‘cliff’ is said to be 30ft high!

Porthminster Beach, StIves, after a recent storm


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Coots, Shop and My January Tree

1   Driving home from a lovely lunch with friends today I came past Swanpool where I saw no swans but a few coots. I loved the effect of the movement of the coots on the reflection of the reeds.


2   I went shopping in Falmouth in the afternoon and found a shop new to me. The shop’s punning name amused me. For those of my readers outside Cornwall and the UK, the beautiful Chough is a symbol of Cornwall and is on the coat-of-arms. The pun happens as the word ‘chuffed’ means pleased – so one would be delighted/chuffed  to find this shop full of Cornish treasures.

Chuffed to find Choughed

Chuffed to find Choughed

3    I pass this tree every Thursday as I go to sing and I love its shape. Last year, I decided to photograph it each month from the same spot but didn’t! This year I am determined to achieve my aim. Here is My January Tree in a puddle of water from the massive amounts of rain we have had in the last month.

January tree

January tree

Stay safe, all of you, be you in freezing temperatures too dangerous to go out in or in the storms lashing the UK.


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