Seagull, Random Photo and An Angel

22 Dec

Our last singing session at the Zed Shed was today and this photo of a seagull on a buoy was taken when the sopranos were learning and I wasn’t needed.

I read this lovely heart-warming story about a man and a baby the other day and have been given permission to use the photo and to tell you the story, by Artistic Freedom whose page it was on.
“Random photo of a man at the DMV holding a baby. The man does not know the child. They are strangers to each other. The parents of the child were sitting next to the man and the baby, feeling squirmy and discontent, crawled into the man’s lap.
The man had just moved from one state to another, where a year prior his brother was killed. This baby was born on that very day. Everyone was overwhelmed to tears.
Courtesy: Aaron Britney Varnes”

A Christmas card has arrived. It comes from one of our beautiful Ukrainian friends who is safe in Sweden. It is a beautiful Angel, made from delicate curve stitching and we love it. Thank you N.


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  1. nrhatch

    December 23, 2022 at 1:54 pm

    Very cool story and the angel is gorgeous.


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