Happiness, Volunteering and Pesto

01 Nov

It’s the first of the month and here is this month’s Action for Happiness calendar. If you want to know more or print a bigger version, visit the site by  clicking  this  link.

Today, Volunteer Tuesday, we helped to clear out one of the poly tunnels so it can be prepared for winter planting. Between us, we cleared the aubergine and tomato plants and harvested all the basil.  The basil has gone to each of today’s volunteers and many of us are making fresh pesto this evening.

It has been a stormy day with bursts of very heavy rain and thunder interspersed with blue skies and sunshine. There were moments over a delicious lunch of Spicy Pumpkin soup made by volunteers when we couldn’t hear ourselves speak!

So I made pesto too and tonight we’ll have Pesto Pasta.

Basil ready for pesto

Pesto in ice cube trays



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