The Redruth Drapery and Ada Campe

21 Jul

What a wonderful evening at the `Redruth Drapery!  First Scary Little Girls with script-in-hand readings of some brilliant political, feminist theatre from over a century ago followed by supper and catch ups with people we hadn’t seen in ages.
Then such a treat, the wonderful Ada Campe, variety artiste. She decided to do some research into her family history during lockdown – and was delighted and intrigued by what she found! We joined her for a show about wonderful women, surprising secrets and more laughs than we’ve had in such a long time. What a privilege to have such a brilliant performer in Redruth. She will soon be on at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Guardian review says she’s ‘very funny’ and we agree!.

Deeds with Words and Ada Campe Photo from publicity material



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