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Gardens, Grass and More Gardens

After meeting friends for ย coffee and a catch-up, I went for a walk around the Diaspora gardens, loving the Eucalyptus trees and their mottled bark in the Australian section. I have posted before about the gardens. If you’d like to see more, click here.

I’m hoping that by showing you photos of the newly mown lawns you will be able to remember the wonderful smell of just cut grass. I was hoping to find out that there is a special word for this smell as there is for that remarkable scent of rain on sun dried ground, petrichor, but there isn’t. Apparently we like it because it reminds us of summer.

Close up of the bench you might have spotted in the previous photo

In the afternoon, the lovely Mr Smith thought I needed the big trees and long views that we find at Trelissick Gardens. He was right. Just click on any photo to get a bigger picture and more detail.


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