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Marmalade, Supper and A Spider

My Dad was in the kitchen with me again today as he always is when I make marmalade. He was the marmalade maker in our house every January when the Seville oranges came in and I started helping when I was about 9 years old. I earned a Brownie Badge for some I made. These oranges have been in the freezer for the last ten months.

I keep checking on the Sweet Potatoes at the allotment so that we harvest as the leaves go yellow. Today I spotted a courgette that we had missed and it was rather large! I decided to treat it as a small marrow and stuffed it with a lentil ragu, topped it with cheese and baked it. It was delicious. Click for a bigger picture..


For those of you who are arachnophobes, read no more! This beauty was hanging out near the Kalettes, not ready for a few months yet.



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