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Ammonite, Cherry Blossom and Blueberry Bushes

When we were in Nepal some years ago, we went to watch the amazingly beautiful sunrise over the mountains and on the way back down, were persuaded to buy a small  stone egg which, when tapped, broke in half to reveal an ammonite. LiveWire No 4 has a birthday next week and is interested in fossils and rocks so we have sent it it to her and ordered a book to go with it. We are now using to buy books as we cannot go to the shops yet. Every purchase with them  pays a share to your nominated local bookshop and avoids using the huge warehouses where the staff  are not treated properly.

On our walk today we went through the park on our way into town and passed a very young Cherry tree with just one branch full of blossom.

Today we have planted three Blueberry bushes in one of our raised beds. Now that we have the allotment, we are giving more space in the garden to the Raspberries, some Blueberries, the sweetcorn and a cutting flower bed.


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