Bee Day, A Bee and Some Masks

20 May

It is World Bee Day today and we had some in the garden where we have been working most of the day as the sun has been shining again.

Bee almost buried inside a Nasturtium

I’ve finished one set of masks for the Barcelona branch of the family -one each for Mum, Dad, LiveWire no 1 and twin LiveWires 5 and 6. I expect you can tell which fabrics the little ones chose. I hope that, having chosen their own fabrics online from our local shop, Redruth Sewing Studio, they will be willing to wear them. There are other fabrics to be made up in the next batch.



2 responses to “Bee Day, A Bee and Some Masks

  1. beth

    May 20, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    here’s to the bees, and I love the masks


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