Daily Archives: May 16, 2020

New Plants, Lunch and An Acer

Garden centres opened again last Wednesday and the lovely Mr S went (safely masked) ¬†today to find some of the plants I have been longing for. He found them all in one place! The Thymes in our herb wall have become very woody and leggy so I hoped to replace them. Mr S found the three varieties that I wanted! There are also Violas for the edible trough, Chives to replace those killed off over the winter, Sapphire Lobelia to trail down the pan-stand, a white Lavender for the steps ¬†and a very dark Iris, Mr S’s favourite.

It was warm enough to have lunch outside. This is one of our Summer favourites.

For our Ruby Wedding Anniversary, our four bought us a beautiful Acer in a ruby coloured pot. It is at its best as the leaves are new and gorgeous. I love that Cornish Violets have self-seeded in the pot.



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