Tulip, Leaf and Sewing

13 Apr

I’ve had a very quiet day today, buoyed up by the love of friends and family. Here is a tulip, photo taken late afternoon and glowing.

The Corkscrew Hazel we planted to mark our friend’s 100th birthday almost a year ago is coming into leaf.

I was featured on the Cornwall Scrubs page!
“One of our volunteers explained why she was sewing for Cornwall Scrubs. Sally gave a clear reminder as to the sacrifice the NHS staff are making for us.
“I have a young friend who is a Nurse. She and her husband, also a Nurse, have taken the huge decision to take their two boys to live with their grandparents so that they don’t bring an infection home”⁠ ⁠
So while I know we will miss our families and friends over Easter please remember that “we will be together again.”




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