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Menu, Foxglove and Lupin

After just four days in London we have returned home today and for the first time ever have eaten in the Pullman dining car.  We were travelling with my brother and his wife who are visiting from America for a couple of weeks in Cornwall so it was a very special treat for us all. We had just a main course which was delicious.

The Pullman menu

Although we had only been away a few days, there must have been some strong winds as both a Lupin and a Foxglove had been broken off. I have brought them both in for our indoor enjoyment. The Runner Beans have grown almost to the tops of their canes, there is a mass of salad to eat, there are green Raspberries and a baby Tomato as well as some Sweet Peas in flower. Everything grows so quickly at this time of year!

White Foxglove

White Lupin


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