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Another Quiet Day and Our Baby Bullfinch

Regular readers will have seen various recent posts showing you the beautiful baby Bullfinch who has been hanging around in our garden. We have become quite concerned about him as he often stayed too long in any one spot and didn’t seem too sure about what to do at the feeders. This morning, I put some sunflower hearts and mealworms on the grass for him as I had seem him in the same place for an hour or more. He didn’t move as I approached, just opened his beak in that baby gaping way as if I were his Mum bringing him food.

This is how close he came to me

I was able to get down to his level and use my macro. Click on the photo and zoom in to see his beautiful feathers. He seems to have some seed heads stuck in his chest and I continued to be worried about him.

Beautiful feathers

Our baby Bullfinch

Later, there were two Magpies feeding at the table who then, suddenly, made a dive for my baby. I chased them off but am not sure if I shouldn’t have let Nature have its way. I came back to the kitchen a couple of hours later and he was no longer anywhere to be seen and he hasn’t turned up in the subsequent hours. I’ll let you know if I find him………..


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