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Azalea, Kindness and John Agard

The shocking pink of an Azalea caught my eye on my way up from town.

Pink Azalea

At singing tonight, I loved the display in the corridor of the Primary School.


In honour of the rainbow I saw the other day, a delightful poem by John Agard for you. Read it out loud to yourself to get the full effect.




When you see

de rainbow

you know

God know

wha he doing –

one big smile

across the sky –

I tell you

God got style

the man got style


When you see

raincloud pass

and de rainbow

make a show

I tell you

is God doing


the man doing



But sometimes

you know

when I see

de rainbow

so full of glow

& curving

like she bearing child

I does want know

if God

ain’t a woman


If that is so

The woman got style

man she got style

6th anniversary of writing my blog


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