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Dracaena Palm, A New Cake and A Ginger Cat

1   Our Dracaena Palm is flowering again – very odd. It flowered in May and surprised us then as it was the first time in six years.

Flowering again

Flowering again

2   I am going to two shared lunches over the weekend and so decided to make cake. I made one Lemon Drizzle and then tried a Tangerine Loaf with Citrussy drizzle and it looks beautiful! Sadly, we can’t taste it until tomorrow! If it is a success the recipe will be published first as a Guest Post on Gobakeyourself, a fabulous foodie blog by a young Australian student, on November 14th. Then it will come on here – its name to be decided after tasting.

 Sticky TangerineCake

Sticky Tangerine Cake

3   Coming back from town this afternoon, this rather shy and very beautiful ginger cat came to say Hello and left all too quickly for a proper photograph.

Camera shy cat

Camera shy cat


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