Daily Archives: November 6, 2014

Anniversary, Singing and Being Loved

1   I have been writing my blog for three years! That’s almost 1,200 posts and 3,600 beautiful things! Thank you to all my lovely readers for your appreciation and encouragement.

2   It was so lovely to get back to singing after our adventures (Isn’t it always lovely to come home?) and to be welcomed by Clare and the gang all singing Pachabelle’s Canon in a five part harmony – a piece that I just love.  Choir-baby E had a delightful time too joining in at times and writing in her book too.

Grand-baby E, the tiger bunny

Choir-baby E, the tiger bunny


3  I have so many positive people in  my life. I feel very lucky to be so loved.

Keep good people in your life

Keep good people in your life