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Window Painting, Ska and Poppy

1   I spent a lovely morning with friends trawling the charity shops for our 1914 outfits for the event on 3rd August, 100 Days. Between us we found a skirt, two blouses and some belts – nearly there. Afterwards, doing the shopping, I just loved the painting done on the window of our favourite bakery, done by the daughter of the owner. My photo is a bit spoilt by the reflections but I think you can see the beautiful Chinese vase…..I hope so.

Painting at the bakery

Painting at the bakery

2   Driving home, I found myself behind this little car whose name, Ka, had been added to. It made me smile!


3   The Poppy I showed you yesterday has gone already – what ephemeral beauty though the petals on the ground are still lovely.

Fallen poppy petals



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