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Penryn Arts Festival and Enys Gardens

What a beautiful day full of art! Nature’s art was in fact the highlight of my day when we watched a beautiful butterfly getting nectar for well over five minutes.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

Our morning was spent in and around Penryn enjoying both the delightful opes and alleys and the art on offer. My favourite was Porous Penryn, a project where the artists, Etheridge and Persighetti, were putting temporary tattoos of special bits of the town onto people and photographing them in the place where the photo had been taken. What follows are photos of our participation in this delightful event.Do click on any one for more detail and for the explanatory captions.

After lunch at Miss Peapod’s and some very enjoyable interactive art nearby we went off to Enys gardens for the Embedded exhibition. I wrote about Enys in this post too.  The house is in need of much restoration but was used to great advantage for the exhibition. I love the trail of cake and beads on pretty china which led up the stairs and along corridors to a wedding dress and broken pearls in one room and the Groom’s clothes hanging in another . The story is mine! The lovely Mr S didn’t see the installation in the same romantic and rather tragic way!

My final photo today was taken from the peaceful and enchanting arbour where we listened to a magical recording called “Lazy tremblings of the summer air” and watched the beautiful butterfly featured at the beginning of this post which, if you look very closely, you will see in the middle left of the photo.

View from 'Lazy Tremblings of the Summer Air' audio installation by Jane Bailey

View from ‘Lazy tremblings of the summer air’ audio installation by Jane Bailey


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