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Being Granny, A Poem and Wise Words

Our LiveWires have gone home and it is very quiet today. They had a good time as did we and I was very touched when T, LiveWire no 3 said, “I really want to be a Granny when I’m old enough. It’s fun being a Granny!” Yes, it is!

Climbing on Carn Brea

Swinging at Heartlands

This poem came my way today and touched a chord. I have a favourite walk that I take my mind on when I can’t sleep, around St Anthony Head. Happily, I need this less than when I was working and now , of course, we are close enough to do the walk for real. Then I was in South Yorkshire.

Association by Franz Wright

Dawns when I can’t sleep I walk,
in thought, all the way
around Walden.

My father loved Thoreau, I wish
he could have walked there
with me once,

my hungover Virgil. Lying in bed
with a big ax
lodged in my head, I still hear him

as if from the next room
bumping into things and cursing.
Give us this day, he mutters,

our daily stone. Nice.
Can’t blame him, though. This morning
can’t sleep for missing him.


It’s two years since our lovely neighbour, Bill Mitchell, died and he is missed and remembered with great love by so many. This description of grief from a child whose Grandfather had died, I found very touching.

Wisdom of a child

For newer readers, here is the post I wrote about Bill two years ago.


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Beautiful Things Jar, Bluebell and Today’s Poem

At my Pilates class this morning we were talking about looking for and finding the positive in our lives and I remembered the Jar of Blessings idea that I once heard of. My blog is my jar into which I put lovely things every day and it is a very good way to remain positive. If you want to try it – Find an large jar and decorate it in a way that reflects you. Each day, write down something good that has happened or something that has made you smile and pop your note in the jar. At the end of the year, open your jar and spend a lovely hour or two reflecting on all those wonderful things that have made you happy.

Happy things jar

Happy things jar

Walking into town along Church Lane, this lone Bluebell in the hedge caught my eye.



Today’s poem came to me via Knopf Poetry’s Poem of the day where they send out poems for the whole of April, National Poetry Month. In my small way, I am sending out a poem a day too this month.

Franz Wright, born in 1953, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, died last spring.  This is his poem, ‘Leave Me Hidden’ which I enjoyed very much this morning. I especially like the idea of a programme, ‘Night of the Living Bloggers’ and love the idea of feeling the heartbeat of the tree.

I was having trouble deciding

which to watch: Night

of the Living Bloggers, or

Attack of the Neck-Brace People.

In the end I just went for a walk.

In the woods I stopped wondering why

of all trees

this one: my hand

pressed to fissures

and ridges of


bark’s hugely magnified

fingerprint, forehead

resting against it

finally, feeling



a heartbeat, vast, silently

booming there deep in

my hidden leaves, blessed

motherworld, personal

underworld, thank you


thank you.


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