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Dawn, Dog and Today

Dawn was truly fiery this morning and the rest of the day lived up to the Shepherd’s Warning – Red in the morning presaging poor weather.

On our way to join our friends for breakfast at The Gylly, we followed a dog having a ride.

Today is Kings’ Day for our family in Barcelona – Happy El Dia de los Reyes Magos to them and it is Christmas Eve for our Ukrainian friends – щасливого Різдва. We are so looking forward to welcoming them back to Cornwall in a couple of weeks. .
Here are Three Kings who reside with family in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thanks for the photo, V

P.S.   For those who have enquired about prints of the lovely painting I showed a few days ago, the artist has replied – “Unfortunately, I do not print prints of my work, but only sell originals. All works can be seen in the Art-Nadiia gallery”


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