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Topophilia, Apricity and A Gift

I love finding new words. There is a word for love of a place: topophilia, popularised by the geographer Yi-Fu Tuan in 1974 as all of “the human being’s affective ties with the material environment.” In other words, it is the warm feelings you get from a place. It is a vivid, emotional, and personal experience, and it leads to unexplainable affections. This is the word to describe my love of Cornwall. I grew up in Cornwall and left to become a teacher when I was 18 only returning to visit family for the next 40 years but I always needed to come home. That we did 13 years ago.

St Ives where we had our honeymoon in 1967

Apricity is another lovely word meaning something I have described several times in recent posts without having the proper word – it is the warmth of the sun in winter. I felt it again today.

I was late to the allotment this afternoon and when I arrived the lovely Mr S told me that an allotment friend had been along and brought me a beautiful piece of glass. She had had to remove it from a doorway and had thought of me and my glasswork. It is really lovely and I will enjoy getting to work with it before too long. Thank you very much S. I’ll let you know what I make with it.


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