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Waves, Shopping and Some Jam

After a disheartening visit to the orthopaedic surgeon this morning we went to Godrevy to blow away disappointment and cobwebs. It was wild but had the right effect. There is an M&S near Godrevy and we called in to buy some cheer-up treats and some Prosecco to toast the President Elect as soon as we know for sure that Biden has, indeed, won. Underneath the magazine is a Duck dinner which we have just enjoyed. The Prosecco is still waiting as I write.

The lovely Mr S was delighted to find the Rolling Stones tongue jamming out of his doughnut this afternoon.

If you have read this far and are interested, the disheartening visit was being told that I have reached the limit of corticosteroid injections in my ankles and the next thing to do is to fuse one of them. This came out of the blue. I had thought I could have more injections as necessary. It’s a keyhole op and only 2 days in hospital but that is the last place I want to be for obvious reasons. Also, the recovery is a long one, 2 weeks in plaster with no moving around, 6-12 in a boot with ┬álimited movement and up to a year before I feel it’s a success. That I found depressing but being down is not in my character and I will bounce back. ┬áThank you for reading on.


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