Sunflower, Weeds and A Romanesco

05 Oct

I was singing with friends this morning and as we left J pointed out the serendipitous Sunflower that has been planted by the birds next to a tree that has died.

Sunflower among the dead branches adding life and colour

It’ll be Redruth’s Monthly Market Day tomorrow so I went along to do my bit in weeding the courtyard. There were lots of laughs to be had as we cleared away the weeds from the cobbles. I took a Before photo of a small patch but was so exhausted by the end of the hour that I forgot to take the after photo!

Before weeding

Volunteers clearing up the market

On the way home, I bought a Romanesco to have with our Moussaka tonight.

Chartreuse coloured vegetable



One response to “Sunflower, Weeds and A Romanesco

  1. John Roberts

    October 5, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Love the Sunflower picture, Sally, and good progress made on the singing front. I shall enjoy walking across that pristine Market floor tomorrow!


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