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Bird Feeder, Bean Harvest and A Poem

Our bird feeder has been busy of late, lots of Goldfinches and this fluffy bundle who we think may be a young Chaffinch……

Taken through the kitchen window

We have harvested all our Broad Beans today, blanched them and now they are open freezing for a couple of hours prior to being bagged up. I love Broad Beans – they are my favourites!

Some of our Broad Bean harvest

I love Autumn. As Annenasky said,  “You are with me once more, Autumn my friend!”
One is no longer disappointed with the lack of warm days but instead basks in the goldenness of the leaves, the mellowness of the fruits of Autumn and the misty mornings which I find just beautiful. I was reminded of this poem by Anna Akhmatova today when thinking about the season just upon us and how much I appreciate it.

Let any, who will, still bask in the south
On the paradisal sand,
It’s northerly here – and this year of the north
Autumn will be my friend.

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