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St Michael’s Mount, Fish’n’chips and Clouds

What a beautiful place St Michael’s Mount is! This is the view from Penzance where we had a windy walk along the prom.

St Michael's Mount from Penzance

St Michael’s Mount from Penzance

Fish’n’chips for lunch! It was delicious crispy batter and beautifully fresh, local caught fish.



The clouds today have been very dramatic starting with the ones as the sun rose this morning.

Dawn clouds from the back window

Dawn clouds from the back window

Dark clouds from the shelter of the pub where we had lunch

Dark clouds from the shelter of the pub where we had lunch. These clouds brought a hefty hail-storm!

St Michael's Mount and a huge cloud

St Michael’s Mount and a huge anvil shaped cloud

One hundred years ago today my lovely Dad was born. “Let’s look it up!” were some of his most used words and have become something of a family motto as here on my birthday poster made by our four. Even when he had gone blind (the last two years of his life) he would say “Let’s look it up!” and could tell me just where the reference book was on his shelves. What kind of moth? The green book on the left hand book shelves, third shelf down, about six in from the left!  What year was a piece of music written that he had heard on the radio that day? Bottom shelf of the book case next to the bureau, dark blue cover and right in the middle. He was right every time.

Birthday poster of the 'Things Mum says!'

Birthday poster of the ‘Things Mum says!’

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